Explain the benefits of drinking milk., You are an ant. Convince an anteater to not eat you., Tell us about a nickname you have and how you got it., Explain three uses for a pencil besides for writing., Tell us about your summer plans., Convince us that homework is harmful to your health., Tell us about your favorite pet and why it should win the Greatest Pet Ever award., If you were an animal, what would you be?, If you were the teacher, how would our class be different?, Tell us about the hardest thing you have ever done., You are a mad scientist. Tell us about your latest invention., Tell us how to become a millionaire., Tell us about the best dream you've ever had., Tell us how to make a new friend., Tell us how to make your favorite meal., Explain the rules to your favorite game., If everything in the world had to change to the same color, what color would you choose and why?, Explain four uses for a drinking glass other than for holding a liquid., Convince our principal to give students their birthdays off of school., Explain the best way to teach an old dog a new trick., What you would find in my closet. Make something up., Why your mom/dad is special., A day that stands out., The best surprise ever., If I had a million dollars to give away., If I could only eat three foods forever., If I could design a school., Why books are important., Three surprising facts about me., How to impress your parents., How to plan a party., A job I'd love to have., If I could have dinner with anyone., If I could travel through time., My favorite book., The smartest cartoon character., Three things I'd change if I ruled the world., Why sports are important. I'm no good, so I'll tell you how bad I am., The worst chores at home., Why I deserve an allowance., If I were in charge of school lunches., Whom do you admire most?, How to achieve your dreams., How to annoy an older sibling., Three things that scare me., Great things about snow days., How to spend a rainy day., How to walk a dog., Things I'll never eat., Why I like my town., My biggest concern for the future is..., Real love is not the stuff of pop songs., Junk food's popularity relies on marketing., The world is a smaller place these days., The more we communicate, the less we really say., To be grown up is a state of mind., Goals are good for you., Intelligence is not enough., Color affects the way people feel., Laughter is the best medicine., Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder., Children learn what they live with., What and who is an average person?, Being young is over-rated., In what situation is lying a good idea?, Does money make the world go round?, What human quality do we need more of and why?, Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?, How we look is unimportant. It's who we are on the inside that counts., Fashion victims I have known., Pets are for people who don't have children., Summer is the best and worst of times. Why?, The media controls how and what we think., Real learning doesn't occur in a classroom., A sense of humor is essential., What is normal is decided by the society we live in., Manners matter., Art is essential to life., Cities are for people not cars., Is a glass half full or half empty? Explain your choice., Why are humans so fascinated with understanding the universe?, Three keys to a happy life., Professional athletes are overpaid., Dogs are better than cats, Bottles versus cans., Real or fake Christmas trees, The assassination of a dictator can/cannot be justified, Exams are/are not good forms of assessment., What are you grateful for?, If I were invisible for a day..., The most successful person I know., Good grades matter., People I usually don't get along with., People who shouldn't become teachers. , Young people who shouldn't go to high schools. , People who shouldn't become politicians. , Things people should do more. , How Social Media Makes my Life Better/Worse, The Best Thing about My Mom/Dad/Sister/Brother, If I Could Only Listen to One Song for the Rest of My Life.


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