1) go a) skiing b) judo c) tennis d) snowboarding 2) play a) swimming b) volleyball c) basketball d) ice hockey 3) do a) swimming b) karate c) judo d) skiing 4) What are you good ... ? a) of b) on c) at d) to 5) I ... like to try tennis. a) do b) would c) am d) have 6) What games ... you play? a) can b) are c) have d) is 7) What sport would you ...to try? a) go b) play c) like d) do 8) Chciałbym a) I like b) I'm like c) I'd like d) I would like 9) Które zdania są propozycją: a) Are you good at basketball? b) How about playing basketball? c) Can you play basketball? d) Why don't you play basketball? 10) odpoczywać a) reset b) rest c) roast d) rust 11) to ( gdy coś jest blisko) a) this b) these c) that d) those 12) tamten dom a) these house b) this house c) that house d) those house 13) te śliwki a) these plums b) this plums c) those plums d) that plums 14) equipment a) zajęcia b) sprzęt c) zdrowy d) plakat 15) I can a) umiem b) mam c) mogę d) muszę 16) Nie umiem a) I don't can b) I'm not can c) I can't d) I not can 17) Scotland is one of the ... countries in the UK. a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6 18) ride a ... a) scooter b) car c) bike d) horse 19) używać a) pay b) take c) choose d) use 20) płacić a) pay b) buy c) use d) far 21) here a) tu b) tam c) jej d) włosy 22) You can't be ... for school. You must be on time. a) lot b) let c) late d) little 23) My mum works ... 7 o'clock to 3 o'clock every day. a) for b) with c) at d) from 24) Whose phone is this? a) Jaki to jest telefon? b) Czyj jest ten telefon? c) Gdzie jest ten telefon? d) Kto ma ten telefon? 25) Whose books are these? a) It's Olivia's b) They're Olivia's c) This is Olivia's d) That's Olivia




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