Do you live in a flat or a house? Do you like it? Why? / Why not?, What is your favourite room in your house/flat? Why?, What is a good colour for a house? Why?, Is it a good idea to live in a flat on the 37th floor? Why? / Why not?, Is it better to live in the city centre or in the suburbs? Why?, What's there in your living room?, Would you like to move to a different place? Why? / Why not?, Would you like to live on a boat? Why? / Why not?, How long does it take you to get home after class? Is it too far away?, What kind of strange or unusual house do you know about?, Which room don’t you like in your home? Why don’t you like it?, Is it better to rent a house / flat or to buy one? Why?, What kinds of animals make their own homes?, How much does it cost to buy a flat in your country? Is it too expensive?, What's there in your kitchen?, How many flats or houses have you lived in?, What should you do if you have a noisy neighbour?, Do you like the location of your flat or house? Why? / Why not?, If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?, What would you like to change in your flat / house?, Would you like to live abroad? Why? / Why not?, Where did you live when you were a child?, Are you going to move house soon?, Do you like your neighbours? Why? / Why not?, Have you ever had any problems with your neighbours? What kind?, What would you do if your fridge or cooker broke down?, How long have you lived where you are living now?, What's there near your flat / house?, How many rooms are there in your house / flat?, What things in your home couldn't you live without?, Who do you live with?, Have you ever been homesick? When?, Why do people move house?, Would you prefer to live at the seaside or in the mountains? Why?, Do you like spending time at home? What do you usually do?, Do you have a lot of decorations in your home?, What would your ideal house or flat look like?, If you had 10,000 zl to improve your home what would you do?, Have you ever lived with a roommate? Did you get along well?, Do you like staying in hotels or do you prefer your home?.




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