My first ____ of her was positive He wanted to ____ her so he told some funny stories. She was ____ by his funny stories. What result can/ will you ____ in this quiz? I think 80-90 % will be a great ____. Some famous people ( celebrities) have their own personal fitness ____ . To ____ well you must want very much to do it . We must ____ Coronavirus epidemy as well as we can. Every person has a different level ( różny poziom) of pain ____ Do you know "Viva" or "Bravo" or "Olivia" or "Logo"____ ? Do ____ of "Olivia" or "Viva" or "Men's Health" or "Logo" write good articles? When teachers teach online do they give students any ____ Who can ____ maths or English better- a teacher or a friend / classmate? The ____ of people now aren't going to offices but are working from home. The ____ drawback of sitting at home is being with your family 24/7. Will Matura exams be ____ at schools this year? The word ____ is the synonym of chance.

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