1) If you ..... (heat) water to 100 degrees, it ..... (boil). a) heat, boils b) heats, boils c) heats, boil d) heat, boil 2) When you ..... (not/eat), you ..... (get) hungry. a) don't eat, got b) doesn't eat, gets c) don't eat, get d) didn't eat, got 3) If you ..... (not/eat), you ..... (die). a) don't eat, died b) don't eat, die c) didn't eat, died d) doesn't eat, dies 4) If you want to ..... (leave) a message, ..... (speak) after the beep. a) leave, speaks b) left, spoke c) leave, speak d) leaves, speaks 5) If I ..... (not/put) sugar in my tea even for a week, I always ..... (lose) weight. a) didn't put, lost b) doesn't put, loses c) don't put, lost d) don't put, lose 6) She always ..... (cry), if she ..... (not/get) what she wants. a) cried, didn't get b) cry, don't get c) cries, doesn't get d) cried, hadn't gotten 7) When I ..... (drink) less alcohol, I always ..... (feel) better. a) drank, felt b) drink, feel c) drinks, feels d) drink, felt 8) My boss never ..... (complain) if I ..... (be) late for work. a) complains, am b) complained, were c) complained, was d) complains, was 9) We ..... (have) picnics on the beach if the weather ..... (be) nice. a) has, was b) had, was c) have, was d) have, is 10) We ..... (go) for a drink on Fridays if we ..... (have) some spare cash. a) go, have b) went, had c) go, has d) gone, have had




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