1) I ..... (give) Sarah the books if she ..... (be) at work tomorrow. a) will give, is b) give, is c) will give, was d) would give, was 2) She ....... (kiss) you if you ..... (give) her flowers. a) kisses, give b) will kiss, give c) will kiss, gave d) kiss, give 3) I ..... (call) you when I ..... (come) back from London. a) call, come b) will call, will come c) will call, come d) would call, came 4) If I ..... (receive) the money, I ..... (pay) you for the car. a) received, would pay b) receive, would pay c) will receive, pay d) receive, will pay 5) Do you think I ..... (lose) weight if I ..... (follow) this new diet? a) will lose, follow b) lose, will follow c) lose, follow d) will lose, will follow 6) You ..... (be) sorry if you ..... (not/apaologize) to Mary. a) are, don't b) will be, don't apologize c) will be, won't apologize d) were, didn't apologize 7) I ..... (let) you know as soon as possible if Colin ..... (call). a) will let, calls b) let, will call c) let, called d) lets, calls 8) If I ..... (have) enough money, I ..... (buy) some new shoes. a) have, will buy b) had, will buy c) will have, will buy d) will have, buy 9) She ..... (miss) the bus if she ..... (not/leave) soon. a) misses, doesn't leave b) will miss, won't leave c) will miss, doesn't leave d) miss, don't leave 10) If I ..... (study) today, I ..... (go) to the party tonight. a) studied, will go b) study, would go c) will study, go d) study, will go




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