1) It (rain) when we (go) out. a) was raining; went out b) rained; went c) rained; were going 2) When I (get) to the office, they (work). a) was getting; worked b) got; were working c) got; worked 3) I (hear) a noise, so I (look) out the window. a) heard; looked b) was hearing; looked c) heard; was looking d) was hearing; was looking 4) Rob (look) out the window when the accident (happen). a) was looking; happened b) looked; was happening c) looked; happened 5) What (you/do) at 11:30 yesterday? a) you were doing b) did you do c) were you doing d) did you 6) Diana (learn) when she (get) a notification on her mobile. a) learnt; got b) was learning; was getting c) was learning; got d) learnt; was getting




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