1) He ... watching TV. a) are b) is c) am d) has 2) She .... watching TV. a) aren't b) am not c) isn't d) hasn't 3) I... not drinking hot milk now. a) is b) has c) are d) am 4) We ... singing a song. a) is b) am c) are d) have 5) They ... cooking dinner with mom. a) have b) am c) is d) are 6) I am ... an apple now. a) watching b) jumping c) eating d) singing 7) You aren't ... milk. a) fishing b) drinking c) crying d) climbing 8) Tom and Sue are ... to school at the moment. a) having b) eating c) doing d) going 9) Martha is ... her homework now. a) doing b) making c) singing d) riting 10) Students are ... English. a) going b) making c) learning d) raeding




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