1) He ______ in a cafe when I ______ him. a) was sitting/ saw b) sat/saw c) sat/was seeing d) was sitting/was seeing 2) When I ______ the sun ______. a) went out/shone b) was going out/shone c) was going out/was shining d) went out/ was shining 3) The boy ______ while he ______. a) fell down/ran b) was falling down/was running c) fell down/was running d) was falling down/ran 4) When the war ______ we ______ in London. a) began/lived b) was beginning/was living c) began/were living d) was beginning/lived 5) The light ______ while I ______ tea. a) went out/had b) went out/was having c) was going out/was having d) was going out/had 6) My friends ______ when I ______ into the room. a) were singing/come b) were singing/was coming c) sang/came d) were singing/came 7) I ______ an email while you ______ the piano. a) were playing/wrote b) was writing/were playing c) played/wrote d) played/was writing 8) He was ______ his dinner when I ______ . a) ate/arrived b) ate/was arriving c) was eating/was arriving d) eating/arrived 9) My aunt ______ shopping when she _______ and _______. a) went/slipped/fell b) was going/was slipping/was falling c) was going/slipped/fell d) went/was slipping/fell 10) Mr. Johnson ______ an accident while he ______ to work yesterday. a) was having/drove b) had/was driving c) had/drove d) was having/was driving 11) My dog ______ our neighbours' cat when I ______ him. a) chased/called b) was chasing/call c) was chasing/called d) chased/was calling 12) We ______ coffee when we ______ a noise behind the house. a) drank/heared b) drunk/were hearing c) were drinking/heard d) drinked/heard 13) Lots of people ______ at the station when the Prime Minister ______. a) were waiting/arrived b) waited/were arriving c) waited/arrived d) was waiting/arrived 14) When the phone ______ I ______ a bath. a) rang/had b) was ringing/was having c) was ringing/had d) rang/was having 15) We ______ the fence when the storm ______ . a) painted/started b) were painting/started c) were painting/was starting d) was painting/started




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