1) ride a) rode, rode b) rided, ridden c) rode, ridden 2) write a) wrote, written b) writed, written c) wrote, wrote 3) wake a) waked, woken b) woked, woken c) woke, woken 4) take a) took, taken b) took, took c) taked, taken 5) wear a) wore, wore b) weared, wore c) wore, worn 6) meet a) met, met b) meeted, met c) meet, met 7) throw a) throwed, thrown b) threw, throwed c) threw, thrown 8) sing a) singed, sung b) sung, sang c) sang, sung 9) put a) putted, put b) put, put c) put, putted 10) steal a) stole, stole b) stole, stolen c) stold, stolen 11) swim a) swimmed, swum b) swum, swam c) swam, swum 12) cut a) cut, cut b) cutted, cutted c) cut, cutten 13) win a) winned, won b) won, won c) win, won 14) sleep a) slept, sleeped b) slept, sleepen c) slept, slept 15) lose a) lose, lose b) lost, lost c) lose, lost 16) sell a) sold, sold b) sell, sold c) sell, sell 17) read a) read, read b) read, reader c) readed, read 18) make a) made, maden b) made, made c) maked, made 19) tell a) told, tolden b) told, told c) telled, told 20) run a) ran, run b) run, run c) ran, ran 21) send a) send, sent b) send, send c) sent, sent 22) pay a) paid, paid b) pay, paid c) payed, paid 23) see a) saw, seen b) see, see c) saw, sawn 24) be a) was, been b) were, been c) was/were, been 25) break a) breaked, breaked b) broke, broken c) broked, broken 26) give a) gaved, gived b) gave, given c) gived, given 27) forget a) forgot, forgot b) forgetted, forgetted c) forgot, forgotten 28) find a) faund, faund b) found, found c) finded, finded 29) do a) did, done b) did, did c) done, done 30) go a) went, gone b) goed, gone c) gone, gone 31) feel a) felt, felled b) felt, felt c) felled, falled 32) fall a) fell, fallen b) felled, falled c) felt, felt 33) fly a) flied, flewn b) flew, flown c) flow, flown 34) have a) haved, had b) had, had c) has, had 35) eat a) ate, eaten b) eated, eaten c) eaten,ate 36) buy a) bought, bought b) buyed, bought c) buy, buyed 37) come a) came, come b) comed, came c) come, came 38) drink a) drunk, drunk b) drunk, drank c) drank, drunk 39) burn a) burnt/burned, burnt/burned b) burnd, burned c) burn, burned 40) hear a) heard, heart b) heard, heard c) heared, heared 41) learn a) learnd, learned b) learnt/learned, learnt/learned c) learned, learnd 42) hit a) hit, hit b) hit hited c) hited, hited 43) hurt a) hurt, hurted b) hurt, hurt c) hurted, hurted 44) leave a) leaved, left b) left, left c) leaved, leaved




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