1) A(n) ___ sometimes happens when it rains for many days or weeks. a) earthquake b) flood c) fire 2) A(n)___ is a kind of mountain that might explode. a) volcano b) asteroid c) tornado 3) A ___ with large ocean waves sometimes happens after an earthquake. a) tornado b) crash c) tsunami 4) Some people are not hurt by a disaster, but others are ___. a) survivors b) victims c) witnesses 5) A strong ___ can shake the earth and knock down buildings and kill many people a) earthquake b) flood c) volcanic eruption 6) A ___ is smaller than a hurricane, but its strong winds can also destroy many buildings. a) tsunami b) hurricane c) tornado 7) A(n) ____ is a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside. a) hurricane b) avalanche c) fire




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