What housework do you have to do on a daily basis? How do you feel about it? , Is there anything you need to do today? What is it? , What do you think someone who wants to improve their English should do? , What don't you have to do when you are on holidays?, Is there anything you mustn't do at work? What would the consequences be if you did it? , What don't you need to do at weekends? , What do you have to do tomorrow? , What oughtn't we to do when we have flu? , Do you have to do some shopping soon? What do you have to buy? , What shouldn't people who are at the cinema or theatre do? Why? , Is there anything you mustn't eat? What is it? , What should someone do if they cannot find a job? , What should you do before you go on holidays? , What did you have to do yesterday? How did you feel about it? , What would you have to do if you decided to take an English exam? .


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