Tom _______________________________________ (DO) that if you pay him to do it., If he is absent, we __________________________________ (NOT HAVE) an English test., If I __________________________________ (BE) you, I would trust her., If you don't start at once, you __________________________________ (BE) late., If today was Sunday, I __________________________________ (GO) fishing., If I __________________________________ (HAVE) time, I would study French., Will I get to the station if I __________________________________ (TAKE) this road?, I were rich, I __________________________________ (GO) abroad., It __________________________________ (BE) nice if it stopped raining., If you were me, what __________________________ you ________________________ (DO)?, If you follow this street, you __________________________________ (GET) to the station., What __________________________________ (HAPPEN) if the earth stopped turning?, Mary will get fired if she __________________________________ (NOT DO) it., Would it help if Tom __________________________________ (GO) with you?, They __________________________________ (KILL) me if they found out., The patient __________________________________ (BE) grateful if you make a donation., If you __________________________________ (NOT MOVE) immediately, you will be arrested., If he __________________________________ (FIND OUT), he will be very angry., What __________________________ Tom __________________________ (SAY) if he was here?, If it __________________________________ (RAIN) tomorrow, the tour will be cancelled..


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