1) Where do you go shopping? 2) What do you do at the weekends? 3) How do you relax in the evenings? 4) Where do you spend your holidays? 5) How many hours do you spend online? 6) Have you ever been on TV? 7) Have you ever done anything dangerous? 8) How long have you been working for your company? 9) How long have you been living at your home?  10) Have you ever cried during a sad movie? 11) Have you ever been lost? 12) Did you watch TV last night? 13) What time did you arrive at work this morning? 14) Did you get a haircut last month? 15) How much money did you spend last weekend? 16) Were you busy yesterday? 17) Do you think it will rain tomorrow? 18) Will you be famous in the future? 19) Will robots replace teachers in the future? 20) Will people live on Mars in 50 years? 21) How many grandchildren do you think you will have? 22) What is your company working at now?  23) Are you reading anything interesting? 24) How is our country dealing with the pandemic?  25) Are you going to do anything special this Easter? 26) What are you going to buy the next time you go shopping? 27) What were you doing at 7 p.m. yesterday? 28) What were your family doing yesterday when you came back home? 29) Who were you talking to before the lesson? 30) Were you studying English 2 hours ago?


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