1) St. Patrick is the patron saint of ...... a) Scotland b) England c) Ireland d) Wales 2) Which one is the Irish flag a) b) c) d) 3) St. Patrick's Day is on... a) 21st March b) 2nd April c) 17th March d) 17th October 4) St. Patrick's Day is celebrated only in Ireland. a) TRUE b) FALSE 5) ... is a symbol of Ireland a) leaf b) shamrock c) rainbow d) pot 6) Who is he? a) Dwarf b) Elf c) Greeny d) Leprechaun 7) Leprechaun keep his gold in... a) a cave b) a pot c) a church d) a tree 8) The Leprechaun's pot of gold is... a) in the sky b) under the tree c) on the moon d) at the end of the rainbow 9) St. Patrick was born in England. How did he get to Ireland? a) his family moved there b) he was kidnapped c) he studied there 10) St. Patrick caused that in Ireland there aren't any a) snakes b) spiders c) snails d) frogs 11) Why was shamrock important to St. Patrick? a) it was his favourite colour b) it grew in Ireland c) it represented God 12) What did he do in Ireland for 40 years? a) he was a priest and talked about God b) he studied c) he fought with the Irish 13) In which country are St. Patrick's Day celebrations very popular? a) in Sweden b) in the USA c) in Australia




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