funny - I don't mean to be cruel, but i thought it was ____., ridiculous - That is not only unbelievable but very ____., breath - Of course (Penelope said under her ____) Jessica, purposes - AAMOF, she's always going on about using it for positive ___., rescue - especially when you came running to my ___ trying to help., distance - Instead everyone had begun to keep their ____., concern - Where did you get that? None of your _____., unfold - I didn't _____. It was so beautiful., conclusions - jumped to _____ (line44), easy - ____ for you to say. (Penelope answered angrily), peeked - Her mother ___ into her room., fit - ___ in - be a part of a group and feel like you belong, accuse - Just ___ people without any evidence and walk away?, convince - I'm trying to ___ her that we want to help and you're talking about hair styles!, staring - He was ___ at her bed. (line 53), assistance - offer her ____ (line 4),

Teen Choices TC Unit 3 Lesson 4 Episode 5 crossword




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