1) I ... Tom since May. a) haven't seen b) hasn't seen c) haven't saw d) hasn't saw 2) She ... this car since 2018. a) have had b) had had c) has had d) has have 3) I ... a celebrity. a) hasn't never met b) have never met c) haven't never met d) have never meet 4) ... to Japan? a) Has you ever been b) Have you ever been c) Have ever you been d) Have you ever bean 5) She has been a waitress ... 6 years. a) since b) yet c) for d) just 6) He has known Adam ... last summer. a) ago b) since c) for d) already 7) They ... that comedy. a) has watch ever b) already have watched c) have already watched d) have already watch 8) Have they finished their homework ...? a) just b) yet c) since d) ever 9) We haven't made the cake ... . a) yet b) just c) never d) soon 10) I haven't seen you for ... a) last summer b) Christmas c) Monday d) five years 11) She has had a guinea pig since ... a) a year b) December c) ages d) two months 12) I'd like to have a ... ticket to Manchester, please. a) one-way b) offer c) return d) way-one 13) Proszę się wymeldować do godziny 12. a) Please check in before 12 o'clock. b) Please check out before 12 o'clock. c) Please check in after 12 o'clock. 14) Miłego pobytu! a) Have a nice journey! b) Have a nice trip! c) Enjoy your stay! d) Enjoy the meal! 15) I am reading a ... to learn more about all the beautiful places in Warsaw. a) notebook b) guidebook c) bookguide d) booking 16) We've found a great ... package holiday on the Internet. a) last-minute b) minute-last c) last-summer d) summer-last 17) rozkład jazdy a) guidebook b) stay c) timetable d) luggage 18) zarezerwować bilet a) book a ticket b) buy a ticket c) sell a ticket d) lose a ticket




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