The washing machine has just finished. Could you please ____ the washing? Could you ____ the plants while we are away on holiday? The bin is full! ____ the rubbish, please. It's my dad who does all the ____ in my family. He makes delicious curry and spaghetti. Take a clean cloth and do the ____ before you put anything on the shelves. Can you give me a hand with the ____? I'll clean the dishes and you wipe them dry. Don't forget to wipe the ____ when you finish cooking. Your hair is all over the floor. Take a brush and a dustpan and ____ the floor. The carpets could do with some ____. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and get down to work! Could you ____ the dishwasher and put the dishes away? I've run out of clean socks. I must do the ____ Look at the pile of clean clothes on the bed. It's time to do some ____




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