1) Who is the current monarch of Big Britain? a) Elizabeth II b) Zara Phillips c) George VI Windsor d) Sarah Chatto e) Andrew Albert 2) Where the Royal Family of Big Britain lives? a) Buckingham Palace b) Tower of London c) Palace of Westminster 3) Who will take the throne next? a) Prince Michel b) Lady Louise c) Princess Anne d) Prince Charles 4) Who is currently the youngest member of the Royal Family? a) Princess Eugenie  b) Prince Louis of Cambrigde c) Archie Mountbatten-Windsor d) Princess Charlotte of Cambrigde e) Prince George of Cambrigde 5) How old is Elizabeth II? a) 89 years old b) 94 years old c) 90 years old d) 93 years old e) 98 years old 6) Who is the busiest member of the Royal Family? a) Sarah Ferguson b) Andrew Albert c) Princess Beatrice d) Princess Meghan Markle e) Prince Philip 7) What was the name of the younger sister of Elizabeth II? a) Sarah b) Louise c) Margaret d) Elizabeth II has no sister 8) Who was Princess Diana? a) Mother of Elizabeth II b) Charles's first wife c) Prince Philip's sister 9) Who is Duchess Catherine to Prince George? a) Mother b) Sister c) Aunt d) Grandma 10) From which year have Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles been married? a) 2009 b) 2005 c) 1999 d) 2015 e) They aren't married 11) What is the real last name of the Royal Family? a) Mountbatten-Windsor b) York-Walsh c) Wilson-Smith d) Murphy-Windsor e) Mountbatten-Evans f) Williams-Brown




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