limit - Slow down! The speed _____ on this road is 100, not 120., belt - I won't start the car until you have all put on your seat _____ ., lanes - It's not a very good town for cyclists - there are very few cycle _____ ., rush - Try to avoid using the Tube during the _____ hour - between 8.00 and 9.30 in the morning., rank - There's a taxi _____ just outside the station., stuck - We were late because we got _____ in a terrible traffic jam., van - I've hired a _____, so that I could move out into a new flat., platform - The next train to Bristol is now waiting at _____ 5., set - We're to _____ off early because we want to get to the hotel before it gets dark., take - How long does it _____ to get from here to the airport?,




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