where you stayed and what you thought of the accommodation, what happened on the day of the party, what gifts your friend received, what you thought of the people you met, what else you did during your stay, if you will keep in touch with the new friends you made in Italy., where you went and who you went with, what your accommodation was like, what activities you did, a day trip or excursion you went on, how well you got on together, what your ideal holiday would be, where you worked and how you got there, why you applied for this job, what you did every day in your job, how you got on with the people you worked with, what you learned about Italy while you were there, if you would recommend this experience to others, what you liked/disliked about the job, what you did in your free time, what you did with the money you earned, if you would recommend working abroad., if you got on with your boss and the other employees, what you did in the evenings/at weekends, where the school was and where you stayed, what you did on a typical school day, what you liked best about the school, how you got on with the teachers/lecturers, what extra activities were available outside the classroom, what the Italian school/college was like, what classes you attended, if you would recommend a visit to Italy, how you got on with the family you stayed with, what you have done to keep in touch with your exchange partners, if you would recommend a school/college exchange to others, what was for sale at the market, what you ate and drank, where the film was set and when it took place, what the film was about, who your favourite character was, if you would recommend the film to others, what you thought of their house, what you learned about Italy, the plans your partner has for a return visit, why your friend was having a party and where it took place, what you enjoyed most about the party, the plans you will make if your Italian friend comes to visit you.


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