inquired - What did they say inside? (she ___), sneaking - I'm frightened to even ask why you seem so natural with this __ around business., entrance - see you at the __ to school, face - The last thing I want to do is ___ everyone and be the centre of attention., exclaimed - Maybe it will be especially for us! (Natasha ___), disdain - Interesting books too! (angry Penelope said with ___), dealt - it's time we ___ with this as a group., vital - Everyone turned to Penelope. She received the most ____ note., banishing - He reached out and took her hand, _____ any doubts she may have had., cool - Keep it a secret. Keep your ____., curiousity - Well, we can't NOT go. (Natasha complained) The ___ will kill me., eagle - purple ___ for Jared,




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