at least - not less than a particular number or amount, for one thing - used to introduce a reason for what you have just said, in danger - in a situation in which loss of life or serious harm is possible, in sight - in a place where people can  see something, on show - being shown to the public, out of sight - outside the area that you can see, on time - at the correct time or the time that was arranged, on the whole - used to say that something is generally true, by hand - done or made by a person rather than a machine, at the top of your voice - as loudly as you can, by yourself - without help from anyone, for the most part - mostly or usually, by all means - used to mean ‘of course’ , in fact - actually, for a start - used to emphasize the first of a list of facts or opinions you are stating, in person -  do it or go there yourself, on hold - if something is __________, it is going to be done or dealt with at a later date rather than now, in flames - burning in a way that is difficult to control,

Gold Experience B2 unit 4 prepositional phrases 1




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