The first Olympic Games ____ in 776 BC in Greece. There was only 1 ____ called the Stade, but it was very ____. The games ended when Romans came to Greece. In 1896, a ____ sportsman Pierre de Coubertin started them again. The ____ modern games took place in Athens and 14 ____ took part. Today, the games are ____ important sporting ____ for athletes around the world. The five rings on the flag represent the five ____. The rings are red, blue, green, ____ and black because every country has got one of those ____ in its flag. There is an opening ____ at the beginning and a closing ceremony ____ of the Olympic Games. The Olympic ____ travels from Greece to the Olympic ____ and lights the Olympic flame which burns throughout the games. The first Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix, France ____ 1924. It had five sports on ice or snow. They take place every four ____ and winners receive gold, ____ and bronze medals. In 1948, sir Ludwig Guttman organised a sports ____ for people with disabilities at a hospital in England. This was the ____ of the Paralympic Games,





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