1) Cats are animals _____________ sleep a lot. a) which b) who 2) This is the boy ______________ won the competition. a) which b) who 3) A good friend is someone ______________ you can always rely on. a) who b) which 4) A mobile is something ______________ we use to communicate with other people a) who b) which 5) Children ____________ don’t go to school must study at home. a) who b) which 6) The computer ______________ I got for my birthday doesn’t work anymore. a) which b) who 7) Is that the girl ______________ took your bike? a) who b) which 8) A pen is a thing _______________ we use to write . a) which b) who 9) These are shoes ______________ Jack really likes. a) which b) who 10) The screen is something ______________ you look at on a computer. a) which b) who 11) A farmer is someone _________________ works in a field. a) who b) which 12) A nest is something __________________ we can find in trees. a) which b) who





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