1) They ___ with the chef to the restaurant. a) went along b) went after c) went through 2) Olivia would love to ___ to the market with her mum. a) go b) go over c) go by 3) Rodrigo needs to ___ the restaurant on his way home. a) go over b) go along c) go by 4) The dog _____ a lot during the day to play in the yard. a) goes into b) goes c) goes out 5) Jamie Oliver ____ his dream and now he's a famous chef. a) went out b) went after c) went with 6) The teacher asked us to ___ our tests before handing them in. a) go through b) go over c) go back 7) Chloe likes eating so she ____ some of the best chefs in town. a) goes along b) goes after c) goes out with 8) Even after two days, the smell of the burnt wouldn't ___. a) go back b) go away c) go out 9) Please ____ and eat before your food gets cold. a) go into b) go ahead c) go over 10) The recipe book ____ great detail about cake decorating. a) goes into b) goes through c) goes over





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