1) My mum often (idzie do łóżka) late. a) going to bed b) gos to bed c) goes to bed d) go to bed 2) I (biorę) a shower every day. a) have b) has c) haves 3) I have tennis lessons ____ Fridays and Sundays. a) in b) at c) on 4) I always (spotykam się z) my friends after school. a) hang out with b) hang in with c) hang on with 5) Mary (często) does her homework on Saturday. a) usually b) always c) never d) often 6) We sometimes (nie gotujemy) lunch and got to the restaurant. a) don't cooks b) don't cook c) cook d) doesn't cook 7) I often eat lunch _____ home. a) in b) at the c) at 8) I like (oglądanie telewizji) on Sundays. a) watches TV b) watching TV c) watch TV 9) Choose the correct sentence: a) Igor usually is happy. b) Igor is usually happy. 10) *I always have English lessons at.. a) Monday and Friday b) Mondays and Wednesdays c) the weekend 11) Pat (nigdy nie jest) late for school. a) is sometimes b) never is c) is never 12) My birthday is ____ May a) at b) in c) on 13) I usually eat dinner _____ the afternoon. a) at b) in c) on 14) I usually drink milk ____ night a) in b) at c) on 15) I have tennis lessons ______ a quarter to five. a) on 4:45 b) at 4:45 c) at 5:45 d) on 5:15 16) Choose the correct sentence: a) I brush my teeth usually after breakfast b) I usually brush my teeth after breakfast 17) Choose the correct sentence: a) They are always late to school b) They always are late to school 18) Choose the correct form: My sister (study) _______ medicine. a) studies b) studyies c) studyes 19) Choose the correct form: My mom (watch) _______ films at night. a) watchs b) watches c) watchies 20) Choose the correct form: My brother (tidy) _______ his room after school. a) tidyes b) tidyies c) tidies 21) I'm usually _____ school at 8:00. a) at b) in 22) I'm helping my mom _____ the garden all day. a) at b) in 23) I was born ______ 1999. a) on b) in c) at

(short version) English Class A1 unit 6 my day grammar




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