I can't stand dancing. - hate, I think I will give up on smoking. - stop doing something, This dress matches your scarf. - go with something, Would you rather go out or stay home? - prefer, She lives near my house. - close, You two look very much alike. - similar, Did you manage to finish the test in time? - succeed, He didn't make a good impression on me. - come across as (a nice person), I'm thinking of moving to Canada. - consider, You should check whether she is home before you pay her a visit. - if, I finished school last year. - graduate from, She turned down another job. - reject, Would you like to take part in an English contest? - participate, Getting to know new people stresses me out. - learn about someone, Do you keep in touch with your high school friends? - still talk to someone after a long time, You'd better not tell her my secret! - when you shouldn't do something because you'll face the consequences, Who got on your nerves today? - irritate someone, Your face is so sweet, you don't look your age at all! - look younger or older than you actually are, Don't take this, it's too heavy. I'll handle it! - deal with something, I'm keen on sports. - like, enjoy , I'm looking forward to seeing you. - can't wait,




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