1) To see this place you must walk up a big hill But you can see it from the city. It's a very big sign, and it's very famous. a) The Hollywood Bowl b) The Hollywood Walk of Fame c) The Hollywood Sign 2) In this place you can see lots of start on the ground. There are names on the stars. The are the names of famous people. a) The Hollywood Sign b) The Hollywood Walk of Fame c) The Hollywood Bowl 3) This one of the most famous places in Hollywood. It's a very big outdoor theater. You can see fantastic concerts here. a) The Hollywood Walk of Fame b) The Hollywood Sign c) The Hollywood Bowl 4) Where in the USA is Hollywood? a) Chicago b) New York c) Los Angeles 5) When did the first film studio open in Hollywood? a) 1911 b) 1926 c) 1952 6) A business man made the famous sign in 1923. What did it say when it was new? a) Hollywoodland b) Hollywoodworld c) Hollywood is great! 7) How tall are the letters on the Hollywood sign? a) 5 m b) 15 m c) 40 m 8) How many stars are on the Walk of Fame?  - *błąd w książce :) a) 10, 000 - 12, 000 b) 17, 000 - 20, 000 c) more than 26, 000 d) 2,690 9) How much do you have to pay to have your star on the Walk of Fame? a) it's free! b) $30,000-$40,000 c) one to two million dollars 10) NEil Armstrong hasn't got a star on the Walk of Fame. What does he have? a) the Sun b) the Moon c) the Earth 11) Why is the Hollywood Bowl called a bowl, because.... a) you can go bowling there. b) it looks like a bowl. c) you can eat bowls of food there.




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