1) I often ... in the park . a) exercise b) exercises c) will exercise d) exercised e) am going to exercise f) was exercising 2) John ... swimming yesterday evening. a) goes b) went c) was going d) will go e) is going to go f) go 3) Elizabeth ... a vet in the future. a) is b) was c) is going to be d) will be e) are 4) I ... around the world when I am twenty. a) travel b) am going to travel c) was travelling d) travelled e) will travel f) travels 5) We ... to the cinema tomorrow. We've already bought the tickets. a) go b) goes c) went d) were going e) are going f) will go 6) I ... my friends tonight at 8 p.m. a) meet b) met c) meets d) 'm meeting e) will meet f) was meeting 7) .... to the USA? a) Do you ever go b) Have you ever been c) Did you ever go d) Are you ever going e) Were you ever 8) Where ... last weekend? a) are you b) have you been c) were you d) will you be e) are you going to be 9) On my next holidays I ... on the beach. a) lie b) 'm lying c) 'm going to lie d) was lying e) lay f) will lie 10) Next year we ... abroad on holidays. a) travel b) travelled c) were travelling d) will travel e) are going to travel f) are travelling 11) Mary ... to study medicine when she's older. a) want b) will want c) wanted d) wants e) is wanting f) is going to want 12) They ... last Sunday at 7 a.m. a) fish b) fished c) were fishing d) will fish e) are going to fish f) are fishing 13) My cousin ... me next weekend. He's coming on Monday. a) visit b) is visiting c) will visit d) visits e) was visiting f) visited 14) I'm sorry, I'm busy now. I ... a project for my Geography lesson. a) was doing b) did c) 'm doing d) 'm going to do e) do f) does 15) ... me cook dinner today? a) Do you help b) Are you helping c) Will you help d) Were you helping e) Did you help f) Are you going to help 16) What book ... now? a) are you reading b) did you read c) were you reading d) have you read e) will you read f) do you read 17) What film .... yesterday? a) do you see b) have you seen c) did you see d) were you seeing e) are you seeing f) are you going to see 18) Which dress ... for the farewell party next Saturday? a) are you wearing b) do you wear c) were you wearing d) will you wear e) are you going to wear f) did you wear 19) Where ... to school? I don't know. his parents drive him there every week day. a) did he go b) do he go c) is he go d) does he go e) will he go f) is he going to go 20) I ... yesterday at 7 a.m. a) dance b) was dancing c) danced d) will dance e) 'm going to dance f) 'm dancing

English Class A2, unit 8: Tenses revision




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