1) If I had had more time last weekend, I would(n't) have ... 2) If I had been able to go out last weekend, I would(n't) have ... 3) If I had met an alien before this lesson, I would(n't) have ... 4) If I had been born a girl/boy, my parents would(n't) have ... 5) If I had met my great-grandparents, I would(n't) have ... 6) If I had lived 100 years ago, I would(n't) have ... 7) If I had been born 5 years earlier, I would(n't) have ... 8) If I had been born in a different country [say which], I would(n't) have ...  9) If I had had a chance to travel anywhere before the quarantine, I would(n't) have ...

Third conditional finish the sentence




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