Present Simple: Does he often do his homework?, He goes swimming once a week., He doesn't play tennis on weekdays., They don't go cycling on Sundays., How often do they go running?, Past Simple: He went running last week., He didn't watch TV yesterday., What did he do last Saturday?, Who played tennis last week?, When did he go last night?, Present Perfect: She has just gone climbing., Has he ever swum in a mountain lake?, He hasn't done his homewok yet., They have never bought a plane., She has swum in the Baltic Sea recently., Future Simple: He will visit you next weekend., He won't go swimming with Kasia., Will they pass their exams?, When will they go swimming?, What will you do mext month?, There's someone at the door.B: I will get it, Present Continuous: They're listening to music now., He isn't sitting on the sofa at the moment., Are they swimming or sunbathing?, What is he doing right now?, Who is swimming with him?, Past Continuous: He was swimming and I was sunbathing., Was he swimming when you saw him?, He wasn't swimming at 4 p.m. yesterday., It started to rain while they were swimming., When I saw you, you were running.,





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