1) He _____ a good student. a) was b) were 2) You _____ very noisy yesterday. a) was b) were 3) The Maths lesson _____ easy. a) was b) were 4) My mum and dad ______ in the garden. a) wasn't b) weren't 5) It ____ sunny at the weekend. a) wasn't b) weren't 6) We _____ at the park last Sunday because the weather ______ bad. a) weren't / was b) wasn't / was c) weren't / were d) wasn't / were 7) I ____ late for school this morning. a) was b) were 8) We ____ at the cinema last night. The film was great! a) were b) weren't 9) The Science lesson ____ fun. I love Science. a) was b) wasn't 10) We _____ hungry yesterday. a) was b) were




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