1) ____ like a bowl of fruit salad. a) I b) I want c) I'd like d) I have 2) A _____ of toothpaste a) packet b) bottle c) bag d) tube 3) _____ teller a) fartune b) furtune c) fortene d) fortune 4) Tina loves sweet food. She's got a sweet ____ a) head b) tooth c) stomach d) eye 5) blow ____ the candles a) on b) in c) off d) out 6) A _____ of toilet paper a) roll b) bottle c) bar d) packet 7) a ____ of hot chocolate a) bar b) mug c) bottle d) tube 8) come ____ - przychodzić a) up b) over c) on d) at 9) A _____ of tuna a) pocket b) cup c) jar d) tin 10) _____ you like a napkin? a) Can b) Could c) Will d) Would 11) A _____ of jam a) bag b) jar c) mug d) bar 12) ____ day - imieniny a) birth b) surname c) special d) name 13) A ____ of water a) packet b) loaf c) jar d) bottle 14) A ____ of bread a) mug b) carton c) loaf d) tube 15) A ___ of cake a) slice b) bag c) plate d) loaf 16) ____ a wish a) do b) give c) make 17) ___ a job a) get b) go c) walk 18) Can I have some milk ___, please? a) also b) too c) extra 19) _____ problem. a) Not b) No 20) _____ welcome. a) You b) You're c) Your 21) I agree _____ you. a) in b) with c) for d) to 22) I have to do a project ___ Adam Małysz. a) of b) for c) about





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