You missed the last train and can't get home., You went for a safari, but didn't see any elephants., You would really like to see the match, but you have to study. , Your friend is always late., You regret you're too short to play professional basketball., You regret shouting at your mother in an argument., You went trekking alone, got lost and had to be rescued., You would love to dance boogie with your friends but you can't dance., You haven't eaten since last night. It's 10 a.m., you are at school and starving., You are in trouble for not having done your homework., You regret never learning to play a musical instrument., You want to buy a new smartphone., There's a big queue to get into the club and it's raining., Your computer broke and you've lost all your files., You were ill on your last birthday and had to cancel the party., You forgot to take your charger for a trip. , You need to make a call but your phone is dead., Your dog got loose and ran away (he does not have a microchip)., You forgot one of your textbooks at school right before we went into lockdown., You met with your friends in Wilanow. Unfortunately, you forgot your money at home..


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