learn a language different than English, have a horrible holiday, spy on my neighbors, have an argument with best friend, be arrested, consider getting a tatoo, go camping as an adult, cook something on the fire, swim in the ocean, visit an interesting museum, be to an art gallery, travel alone to a different country, be ashamed for a friend or a companion, break up with somebody, break a law, do a job you hated, faint, really like a Justin Bieber song, bet on something, start a rumour, escape from a class, eat food that fell on the floor, fall asleep on a bus and miss the station, lie to parents about where I was going, take part in a talent show, see an aligator or a crocodile in the wild, go to the movies or a restaurent alone, cheat on a test, get stitches, fall in love at the first sight, hitchhike, sing karaoke in front of people, vomit in public, dye hair a crazy color, read a whole novel in one day, be on a crazy diet.





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