1) Some memories are stored in terms of their meaning. Which type of encoding is this? a) Visual b) Acoustic c) Semantic d) Tactile 2) Learning something by putting it to music is an example of: a) Retrieval b) Acoustic encoding c) Tactile encoding d) Visual encoding 3) The three stages of the memory process (in the correct order) are: a) Encoding, retrieval, storage b) Visual encoding, acoustic encoding, retrieval c) Encoding, storage, retrieval d) Encoding, recognition, retrieval 4) Answering a multiple choice question in an exam is an example of: a) Recognition b) Free recall c) Acoustic encoding d) Semantic encoding 5) Baddeley's main aim was to find out: a) Which words are semantically similar b) How long information is stored for in STM c) If STM and LTM use different types of encoding d) Where memory is in the brain 6) Which of the following is an acoustically similar word list? a) Pit, few, cow b) Great, large, big c) Good, huge, hot d) Cat, cab, can 7) In Baddeley's study, the type of encoding used in STM was: a) Visual b) Semantic c) Tactile d) Acoustic 8) Baddeley's experiment was well controlled. An example of this was: a) Calculating how many words the participants got wrong b) Using lists of similar and dissimilar words c) Explaining to the participants what the study was about afterwards d) Giving participants a hearing test beforehand 9) The three types of LTM are: a) Episodic, acoustic, semantic b) Visual, semantic, procedural c) Recognition, acoustic, episodic d) Episodic, semantic, procedural 10) Remembering how to perform actions is an example of: a) Episodic memory b) Procedural memory c) Semantic memory d) Declarative memory 11) In brain scans, which part of the brain is associated with semantic memory? a) Left prefrontal cortex b) Right prefrontal cortex c) Premotor area d) Motor cortex




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