do a beach clean-up - when you go and pick up litter from the ground at the seaside, you... , do a park clean-up - when you go for a walk to a park and pick up litter, you..., do a river clean-up - when you pick up litter from the water, you..., do a street clean-up - when you pick up litter from a road in a city or town, you..., recycle food waste - when you sort the leftovers you do not eat anymore, you..., recycle glass - when you collect old, hard, transparent material, used to make windows, bottles, and other objects, you..., recycle paper - when you collect old books, newspaper, magazines etc. you..., recycle plastic - when you collect and sort old and used plastic bottles, recycle tin cans - when you collect used containers after tuna for example, you..., save electricity - when you remember to turn off the light when you leave the room, you..., save gas - when you take care that your windows are airtight, you..., save petrol - when use less fuel for a further distance, you..., save water - when you remember to turn off the running water when you brush your teeth, you...,




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