1) Do you like online shopping? a) No, I don't like buying things from websites. b) Yes, I often pay in cash too. c) No, I'm not. 2) Do you use a password? a) Of course I can remember it. b) Of course. It's important to shop safely. c) I'm sure. 3) Can I pay by card? a) Yes, I have a credit card. b) No, sorry. You have to pay in cash. c) Yes, you are. 4) Do you usually browse the catalogue before buying? a) Yes, I want to see everything before I buy anything. b) Yes, I buy the first thing I like. c) Yes, I need something. 5) That's my advert. Do you want to buy my guitar? a) Yes, I often look for special offers. b) Yes, I do. It looks great! c) No, I don't play the violin. 6) I often buy things from catalogues. a) Really? I prefer going to shops. b) Really? I order things by post. c) That is mine.





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