Morning broke through the ____ to meet her in bed Raila woke to ____ this dream that she had My sweet Raila was sitting right by me, having ____ and tea We ____ off, and she, just like a big girl, sat in front next to me. Rays of light crossed the curtains to ____ on her head Raila woke to remember this ____ that she had We all went for a walk on the ____, on a spring day of love. Flower beds ____ kissed the ____, as she played with the dogs. Oh, time to dream as ____ sleep ____ in. All us ____ dream, to ____ with the thoughts to deal with the thoughts ____ within, deep within. ____ of sun woke her up as she ____ in her bed. Not quite sure if it was just a dream that she had. It's a birthday and she's in the centre and we're all bringing ____ WIth excitement, she ____ through the ____. It's new shoes she can ____ :)

Teen Choices Unit 8 Raila's Dream





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