Hello Sandy,Let me tell you about last Sunday. We ____ (visit) Aunt Brenda and Uncle Paul in Swinton. I ____ (meet) my cousins Liana and Steve. It ____ (be) warm and sunny, so we ____ (decide) to go out. First we ____ (go) to the garden and we ____ (play) basketball. Then we ____ (want) to go to the swimming pool but then Aunt Brenda ____ (make) spaghetti for lunch. I ____ (have) pizza because I don't like spaghetti. We ____ (eat) lunch and ____ (drink) orange juice. After lunch it ____ (start) to rain and we ____ (stay) home. We ____ (watch) a funny comedy. Then Steve and I ____ the Internet and Liana ____ to music. We ____ (feel) happy and relaxed!

English Class A1Plus Past Simple - uzupełnij tekst czasownikami w poprawnej formie




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