1) I can't help you this evening because _________________ with my friends. a) I'm going out b) I will go out c) I go out 2) I __________________ a film when somebody knocked at the door. a) watched b) was watching c) had watched 3) We visited several historic sites, _____________________ were all fantastic! a) which b) that c) where 4) My mum made me ____________________ my bedroom before I could go out. a) to tidy up b) tidied up c) tidy up 5) I wish you ____________________ stop taking my things without asking. It's really annoying! a) will b) would c) have 6) If I _______________________ more free time, I would go on holiday. a) have b) has c) had 7) My brother __________________ after our grandfather. a) was named b) were named c) named 8) I was late for school because I ________________ a) was oversleeping b) overslept c) had overslept 9) You _____________ take photos in the museum! It's forbidden! a) can b) ought to c) mustn't 10) I don't have __________________ money to buy a new bike.  a) some b) enough c) good 11) I don't understand this question. I can't get my ________________ around it. a) hand b) head c) hip 12) Tim is a very logical person. He is ________________ a) sensible b) sensitive c) sentient 13) It's _________________ to take an umbrella when it's raining. a) common sight b) common sense c) common sensitivity 14) Sarah is very sad today. I think we should _____________ a) clean her up b) chirp her up c) cheer her up 15) Do you know which ____________________ our train leaves from? a) place b) platform c) palace 16) I don't know this word. I should _________________ in the dictionary. a) look it up b) look for it c) look after it 17) Last week I _______________ new shoes online. a) pushed b) purchased c) punished 18) I ______________ with my younger sister . We never argue. a) get in touch b) get away c) get on well 19) 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. those are _______________ numbers. a) even b) odd c) regular 20) A rhino is an __________________ species. a) enlarged b) endangered c) established




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