1) What did they see in the UK? a) They saw the Big Ben. b) They seed the Big Ben c) They did saw the Big Ben 2) Did she go to the museum testerday? a) No, she did. b) Yes, she didn't. c) Yes, she did. 3) Where did they fly last year? a) They flied to Italy. b) They flyed to Italy. c) They flew to Italy. 4) Did you swim in the river? a) Yes, you did. b) No, I didn't. c) No, I did. 5) Why did she eat a pizza? a) Becasue she was hungry. b) She ate a pizza. c) Yes, she did. 6) Did Steven help his mother? a) Yes, Steven help mother. b) Yes, he helped. c) Yes, he did. 7) What did you lose on holiday in Ireland? a) I lost my bag. b) I losed my bag. c) I losted my bag. 8) Did you and your friend read about Russia? a) Yes, you did. b) No, we didn't. c) No, they didn't. 9) How did Jessica win a lot of money? a) She won the competition in 2018. b) She winned the competition in 2018. c) Se did win the competition in 2018. 10) Did Tom and John go to a party? a) Yes, they did go. b) Yes, they went. c) Yes, they did.




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