A whale of a time - to enjoy yourself very much, to have great time doing sth, time is money - said to emphasize that you should not waste time, because you could be using it to earn money, Time after time - again and again; repeatedly:, Too much time on my hands - means that one has extra time., Only time will tell - used to say that the truth or a result will only be known in the future after events have happened:, As time goes by - as time passes or moves. The passing of time., right on time - happening or done at the particular moment that it was expected to happen or be done:, It’s high time - (it is) past the time when something should have happened:, Third time’s a charm - used as a means for encouragement, expressing hope that things will work out on the third try., Beat the clock - perform a task quickly or within a fixed time limit., Better late than never - said when you think that it is better for someone or something to be late than never to arrive or to happen, At the eleventh hour - the last moment or almost too late:, In the long run - at a time that is far away in the future:, Make up for the lost time - do something faster or more often in order to compensate for not having done it quickly or often enough before., Ship has sailed - an opportunity has already passed and is no longer possible, Around the clock - happening or done all day and all night:, Call it a day - to stop what you are doing because you do not want to do any more or think you have done enough:, In one stroke - All at once, with a single decisive or powerful action., Not born yesterday - to not be stupid or easy to deceive, On someone’s watch - during a period when someone is in a position of power, and is therefore considered to be responsible for what happens, Physiologically - relating to the body and its functions, open mic - A relatively informal performance where anyone can stand up and do an act, sympathetic nervous system - one of the functions in the body that controls our unconscious actions., adrenaline - a chemical produced by your body when you feel very excited or afraid, extremities - hands and feet, epiphany - moment when you suddenly understand something important, incentive FOR change - something that encourages a person to make a change, To Contract (about muscles) (muscle contraction) - response a muscle has to any kind of stimuli where the result is shortening in length and development of force., To dilate (about pupils) - To wide out, To kick in - to begin operating or having an effect,




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