haunted house - a place which is visited by ghosts, reassurance - words of advice and comfort intended to make someone feel less worried, detect - to notice something that is partly hidden or not clear, or to discover something, especially using a special method, spirits - the form of a dead person, similar to a ghost, take advantage of someone - to treat someone badly in order to get something good from them, device - an object or machine that has been invented for a particular purpose, have special psychic powers - having a special mental ability, for example so that you are able to know what will happen in the future or know what people are thinking, bereaved widow - having a husband who has recently died, put your mind at rest - reassure you, proof - evidence, evil - bad spirit, bad ghost, hair-raising moments - when your hair goes up because you are so scared, hoax - a plan to deceive a large group of people; a trick, a con - a trick to get someone's money or make someone do what you want,

fce listening, ghost hunting





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