Interspecific competition - Competition between different species for resources., Intraspecific competition - Competition between individuals of the same species for resources., Predator - An organism that feeds on another organism., Prey - An organism that is eaten by another organism., Selection pressure - The environmental force altering the frequency of alleles in a population., Quadrat - A piece of equipment for taking measurements in an ecosystem. There are 2 types- point and frame., Random sampling - A method use to take measurements from a habitat that uses random number generation to determine where to take measurements., Systematic sampling - A method use to take measurements from a habitat along a transect to show a gradual change through an area., Frequency - The likelihood of a speices occuring in a quadrat., Percentage cover - An estimate of the area within a quadrat that a particular plant., Mark release recapture - A method of measuring the population size of motile organisms.,




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