Twórz lepsze zajęcia w krótszym czasie
1) What is this? a) This brown dog b) This is a brown dog. c) It is dog brown. d) This isn't a brown dog. 2) Is this monkey sad? a) Yes, it is. b) Yes, this is. c) No, it isn't. d) No, it is. 3) What is this? a) It's a ball. b) It's happy. c) It's a doll. 4) What is this? a) It is a red notebook. b) It's a pink pen. c) It isn't a pink notebook. d) It's a pink notebook. 5) What color is this dog? a) It's a dog. b) It's blue. c) It's black and blue. d) It's black and white. 6) Is this a pencil? a) Yes, it is. b) No, it is. c) No, it is not. d) No, not 7) This is a ____________ . a) rubber b) long c) long rubber d) long ruler 8) It is __________ . a) big b) small c) long d) thin 9) This is not __________. a) a scooter b) a skateboard c) blue 10) It is a ___________ balloon. a) grey b) thin c) green d) short 11) This is a ___________________ book. a) red, happy b) red, yellow c) pink, big d) purple 12) Is this a yellow book? a) Yes, it is. b) No, it's. c) No, it is. d) No, it isn't. 13) Is it big or small? a) It big. b) It small. c) Yes, it is. d) It's small. 14) A big dog. a) b) c) d) 15) short a) b) c) d) 16) long a) b) c) d) 17) fat a) b) c) d) 18) thin a) b) c) d) 19) ugly a) b) c) d) 20) pretty a) b) c) d) 21) young a) b) c) d) 22) This is my brother. a) b) c) d) 23) This is my sister. a) b) c) d) 24) This is my mother. a) b) c) d) 25) This is my father. a) b) c) d)




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