1) I _________________________________ [kupiłabym ci] a present if I had known it was your birthday. a) will buy b) would buy c) would have bought d) bought 2) If Kamil had practised the piano more, he _________________________________ [zdałby] his music exam. a) would have passed b) will pass c) have passed d) would pass 3) We would have enjoyed our holiday more if it _______________________________ [nie padało] all the time. a) haven't rained b) wouldn't rain c) didn't rain d) hadn’t rained 4) You ______________________________ [nie zgubiłbyś] your passport if you had put it in the hotel safe. a) haven't lost b) wouldn’t have lost c) wouldn't lose d) didn't rain 5) If you had heard about it before, what __________________________________ [byś zrobił]? a) will you do b) have you done c) 5. would you have done d) would you do




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