1. Alice: ‘I want to be a ____ and work for a newspaper.’2. Izzie: ‘I’m interested in medicine and health, so perhaps I could be a ____.’3. Tommy: ‘I’d like a ____ job which is not too easy and makes me work hard.’4. Alan: ‘I’m going to study law because I want to work as a ____.’5. Mark: ‘I admire people who do dangerous but important jobs for others, like ____.’6. When people lose their jobs, they are ____.7. If you’re interested in our job offer, ____ your CV.8. Molly wants to ____ her job. She’s not satisfied with it anymore.9. Debra: ‘I think I’ll be a good ____ because people like to follow me and I can manage a team of people.’10. At work, I’m ____ for customer service.





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