1) How many tomatoes are there on the table on page 52? a) one b) two c) three 2) What food is there on plate c in activity 1 on page 53? a) ham, apple, banana b) cheese, ham, strawberry c) chicken, carrots, cheese 3) What colour is the picnic basket in The picnic story? a) yellow b) purple c) blue 4) What food does Lucy offer Baby bear in picture 4 in The picnic story? a) cheese b) ham c) milk 5) What food is there in each picture in activity 3 on page 55? a) ham b) cheese c) honey 6) What is the name of the monkey in the Bug twister on page 56? a) Charlie b) John c) Sam 7) What food group is there in picture 4 in activity 1 on page 57? a) fruit b) milk products c) meat 8) Name one type of sweets from activity 3 on page 59. a) honey, jam b) a flapjack, brownie, muffin c) banana, apple 9) Which pet has the family got in activity 2 on page 62? a) parrot b) cat c) dog 10) What family members are there in A family pet story? a) sister, brother, mummy, daddy, grandma, grandpa b) mummy, daddy, sister, brother c) grandma, grandpa, mummy, brother 11) Who says ‘Come to the garden and see’ in A family pet story? a) Sam and mummy b) Lia and daddy c) Sam and Lia 12) What animal is Freddie from the Bug twister on page 66? a) frog b) parrot c) dog 13) Is the grandpa on page 67 shy? a) No, he's friendly. b) Yes. c) No, he's noisy. 14) Which animal in activity 1 on page 68 is small, shy and can swim? a) dog b) fish c) cat 15) Who can you see in picture 8 in activity 1 on page 70? a) daddy b) grandma c) baby




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